POWER Bag Pack


May 20th, 2023 9:00 AM

At this event volunteers gathered to pack POWER Bags to provide a POWER Bag to every mother who gives birth at one of our local hospitals. Upon discharge, medical staff will inform mothers about speaking, interacting, and reading to the newborn. Each mother will be given a POWER Bag filled with literacy resources.


Items that went into the POWER Bags:

Baby Rattle
Bilingual Book
Growth Chart
Home Literacy Environmental Checklist
LCPB Service Map Brochure
Library Card Registration
Medi Spoon
Milestone Moments Paper
Power Brochure
QR Code Listing
Vooks Link - Books

Hospitals associated with this program are:

Medical Center
Midland Memorial
Reeves Co.
Scenic Mountain

We are looking to add Hobbs and Pecos County Memorial