Announcing 2023 Sub-Grants

Increasing Support For Literacy Programs In The Region


The Literacy Coalition of the Permian Basin (LCPB) is proud to announce the recipients of its 2023 sub-grants, aimed at empowering adult education providers and literacy initiatives in the Permian Basin. The LCPB will annually provide grant dollars to organizations to further their literacy work through an annual application process. They help organizations across West Texas and Eastern New Mexico that look to improve literacy rates in the region. The 2023 sub-grants continue to serve as a lifeline to literacy programs in the Permian Basin. These grants enable organizations to enhance their literacy services, reach more individuals in need, and make a substantial impact on the community.

The LCPB’s commitment to addressing the challenges expressed in the Permian Basin Need Assessment has led to increased funding for these essential programs.

This year, a total of 21 applications were received, with 19 initiatives being awarded a combined total of $82,734 in sub-grants, demonstrating a substantial growth from the previous year’s allocation.

In 2022, the LCPB’s sub-grants provided invaluable support, with 14 applications received and 13 funded, totaling $61,920. The 2023 cycle saw a significant expansion in the number of applications, reflecting the growing demand for literacy programs in the region and the continued commitment of LCPB to serve its community.

John Trischitti, III, the Executive Director of LCPB, shared the significance of these sub-grants, saying, “Many small rural literacy providers struggle with basic budget items or even staffing. Many are run by volunteers with no background in fundraising or grant writing. The sub-grant program makes available up to a $5,000 award for an immediate impact on these small organizations to purchase curriculum and materials, pay for tutors, or offer new programs.”

Mark Palmer, LCPB Board Chairman, added, “We are not looking to supplant any existing providers. We are focused on expanding the capacity of service providers in the 22-county area we serve. These funds allow these organizations to expand their impact as we address awareness of low literacy in the region. People need to understand the severity of the issue.”

List of 2023 Sub-Grant Recipients:


Andrews Adult Literacy Council

  • Project: Teacher’s Aid Salary for ESL Classes
  • Location: Andrews

Howard College – Crockett Co.

  • Project: Technology
  • Location: Crockett

Catholic Charities Odessa

  • Project: Adult Learning Center/Curriculum/Furn.
  • Location: Ector

Education Foundation of Odessa

  • Project: Bookworms Literacy Program-Ector ISD
  • Location: Ector

Ellen Noel Art Museum

  • Project: Art & Literacy/Books
  • Location: Ector

Odessa College LRC

  • Project: Literacy & Language/Graphic Novels/Tablets
  • Location: Ector

Odessa Family YMCA

  • Project: Replenish books & shelving/seating
  • Location: Ector

Boys & Girls Club- Permian Basin

  • Project: The Books was Better/Family Book Bags
  • Location: Ector

Friends/Carlsbad Public Library

  • Project: Adult Literacy/Tablets & Software
  • Location: Eddy

Artesia Literacy Council

  • Project: Tutors
  • Location: Eddy

Seminole Adult Learning Center

  • Project: Teacher & Student Instruction Materials
  • Location: Gaines

Sheri’s House of Hope

  • Project: Literacy Lounge in Group Home
  • Location: Lea

Basin PBS

  • Project: Books at the airport & events
  • Location: Midland

Senior Life Midland

  • Project: FGP-Volunteer training & supplies
  • Location: Midland

Casa de Amigos

  • Project: Computer/Supplies/Incentives CASA
  • Location: Midland

Young Women's Prep Network

  • Project: Curriculum/AP Review Books (200)
  • Location: Midland

Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD

  • Project: Love of Literacy/Books at Ballpark
  • Location: Reeves

Reeves Co. Library

  • Project: Story Time Program 0-4 yr. old
  • Location: Reeves


The Literacy Coalition of the Permian Basin remains dedicated to improving literacy in the region and expanding its reach to those who need it the most. The 2023 sub-grants represent another significant step towards achieving this mission, and the organization looks forward to the positive impact these initiatives will have on the community.